The Bucket List

Where to start!?!? First things first. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE from a young age should have a Bucket List. All of the things you want to do before you “Kick The Bucket.” I had a teacher around my 10th-11th grade year that gave us all an assignment to create a bucket list no matter how large or small we thought the item was. He gave us all a goal to knock off at least one thing before the end of the year and I completed 3! “Over achiever!” right? Wrong! It’s what I wanted to do! Not what people or society told me to do or what was expected of me in skool. 🙂 Rather, this was what I wanted to accomplish in life, things I wanted to experiences, stuff I wanted to see and do.

High over Hawaii

So I’m writing this on 1.Jan.2019 and we just celebrated New Years last night with family. 2019 is going to be a GREAT year! I’ve got my goals set for myself and I’m motivated to hit the ground running! Ask me how I feel tomorrow after work…. HA! I sat down today and updated my bucket list too. That’s not traditional but maybe it should be! I might be on to something there! Maybe I should update my bucket list while having black eyed peas every year on the first. For those of you that don’t know that tradition, it’s a southern thing for sure…

149 items on the bucket list! Maybe I should throw in one more to give it a round number but I’m sure I’ll add more soon enough. To date, I’ve completed 84 (56.38%) of the bucket list!! Here’s some pictures and more on some of the accomplishments. There’s a link to the list and CLICK HERE for a good site I found for more ideas and how to start one of your own! I highly encourage you all to start somewhere and make a list today. Think of 5 things first. Think of things you already accomplished that excited you! Add those to the list and check them off. You might surprise yourself on what you’ve done when you start thinking back!

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